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Shanghai2020 ISBN:978-7-119-08630-9
Language:English Pages:
Price:¥98.00 Brief:
This is a book about one of the most dynamic, fastest growing cities on earth. It is about a city in a country which is engaging with modernity in ways which have utterly reshaped its economy and society since the start of the reform and opening up process more than three decades ago in 1978. It is about how a place is returning to its historic role as a great crossing point, a window from the world onto China and China onto the world. It is about somewhere where east meets west, but where the east also meets itself. This is finally the personal story of engagement with the great ambitions of this city, albeit for only a tiny moment of this great story as it unfolds. Shanghai has one of the best healthcare systems, some of the best universities, some of the most innovative companies, and an economy that is quickly moving towards service industry rather than manufacturing. Those that come to the Bund to gaze over the modern skyline of the city often feel like they are looking not just at the present, but at the future, and at what the rest of the country wishes to become in a few years. Shanghai’s attraction also lies in the fact that it embodies the atmosphere and spirit of China in experimenting with reform. And in this sense, it carries a meaning which resonates with both Chinese and foreigners. The launch of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone in September 2013, in particular, holds great prospects for everyone.

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