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These Wonderful People of Xinjiang ISBN:978-7-119-05180-2
Language:English Pages:
Price:¥98.00 Brief:
With unique mystery, Xinjiang includes landscapes of extremes. With the hottest and the driest places of China, the largest of the country’s deserts, and the world’s lowest depression, Xinjiang is also home to wonderful people. Lisa Carducci has woven an exceptional tapestry of both the people and the region, both interconnected in their amazing intensity and charm. A border guard, an imam, a photographer, a restaurateur, a melon scientist, and a mountain climber are just a few of the outstanding characters that Lisa describes in gentle detail. The remarkable personalities and the landscape will draw you in and leave a lasting impression. The engaging spirit of the land and the energy and enthusiasm of the people will make their way into your heart, as it understandably did into the author’s, and will capture your imagination and affection. After turning the last page of this fascinating and informative read, you will want to travel to Xinjiang’s exotic locales and to experience the colorful local customs. After a teaching career in Canada, where she was born, Lisa Carducci found China to be the most favourable place for her writing. Author of more than 40 books and 2,000 articles, she aims to improve, year after year, her knowledge of the Chinese culture’s many diverse features. However, this experience of China would not make sense to her if she did not share it with “those who don’t have the chance to discover it on the ground.” In 2001, Lisa Carducci was granted the Friendship Award of the People’s Republic of China, and, in 2005, permanent residence status.

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