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Laughter and Tears Translation of Selected Kunqu Dramas Translation by Ben Wang ISBN:978-7-119-05729-3
Language:Chinese-English Pages:
Price:¥98.00 Brief:
With a history of more than 500 years, Kunqu ruled as the predominant classical theatre during the Ming and the Qing dynasties in China. Proclaimed by the United Nations in 2001 as “a masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity,” Kunqu stands today as the towering dramatic and musical genre, in which beauty reigns supreme. In this bilingual book in Chinese and English, a selection of 26 translated highlight scenes from 10 outstanding Kunqu plays is presented, including The Peony Pavilion, The Eternal Palace, among others. All the translations are based on the versions as how they are performed on stage. These scenes are translated into an English marked by a poetic flow and elegance to match the original classical language of Kunqu, whose quintessential spirit is poetry. This bilingual book may enable the readers to savour the riveting Kunqu tales through appreciation of both languages. Furthermore, this book may well serve as a textbook lesson to the effort of translating classical Chinese dramas into non-Chinese languages, when they are presented outside of China.

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